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2018 PAPERS Membership and Sponsor Fees





Participating Membership

Annual dues $95.00
Participating Member Definition: Any public pension plan in the State of Pennsylvania; or public agency, authority, board or commission whose office has significant regulatory supervision, oversight or administrative responsibility for public pension funds in Pennsylvania


Affiliate Membership

Annual dues $500.00
Affiliate Member Definition: Any public or private corporation, partnership, organization, or individual that regularly provides consulting services, exclusive of investment management and legal work, to public pension plans.


Associate Membership

Annual dues $1,000.00
Associate Member Definition: Any public or private corporation, partnership, organization, or individual that regularly provides investment management and/or legal
services to public pension plans.






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To learn more about PAPERS, click here to view our brochure.

JOINING PAPERS IS EASY!  After you’ve decided to join PAPERS, you'll need to complete a PSERS Membership Application like the sample shown below.

To access a fillable version of the Membership Application, click here and enter the requested information needed to set up your membership account.

Then simply submit the application to PAPERS. Please remember - To save the completed form, designate a name for the file and save it to your computer. Then you can either print it for mailing to PAPERS with your payment OR you can attach the saved document to an e-mail and submit it electronically to PAPERS. See details below if you want to pay your membership dues electronically through PayPal. 



There are now three easy ways to pay your PAPERS membership dues:


  • To pay by check.  Please make check payable to:  PAPERS and return with this application to: PAPERS, P.O. Box 61543, Harrisburg, PA 17106-1543
  • To use PayPal.  Please  select the appropriate type of membership from the PayPal drop down box below and follow the directions to have PayPal transfer the applicable membership dues automatically from your bank account to PAPERS.  Your completed membership application may either be mailed to:  PAPERS, PO Box 61543, Harrisburg, PA  17106-1543 or scanned, saved and e-mailed to:  
  • To use ACH transfer.  Please contact PAPERS by e-mail to request the bank account and routing information you’ll need to pay by this method.   If you require a signed form to initiate the ACH transaction, please send the form to this e-mail address and it will be completed/returned promptly.  Then, submit your completed membership application as note in #2 above so it can be matched with the ACH payment.










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